He Took An Old VHS Tape & What He Did Next Will Shock You!

Back on the days when internet is not yet available, streaming movies at home can only be done thru VHS or Video Home System. Yes, those big bulky rectangular tapes we use to rent on video shops. Some of us even have these VHS tapes at home, which by now are definitely useless.

Gladly, this man found a simple way to make these tapes usable again! Using few things he found at home or online, he makes it super easy to transfer VHS to PC. And boy it is amazing! Now you can play those good old movies in the format acceptable to most gadgets and even on your computer!

You will need the following:

  • VCR with audio and video output (these are the white, yellow and red round connectors)
  • VHS tapes
  • Any PC
  • Adapter

Bear in mind that the adapter plays an important role on this method because it serves as the connector between your VCR and PC. He then connects the VCR to PC using the adapter and install the software. Check out this video for the complete instruction.

It is important to note that the recording time is almost the same as the VHS plays itself. For recorded long home videos, make sure that you have enough time to do this. Also, do not by all means try to record copyrighted videos if you don’t want to receive emails from the cybercrime division.:)

Video from: YouTube

At first, I thought that how to transfer VHS to PC is such a difficult process to deal with. Thanks to this techie genius man, now I can enjoy watching myself running around our house naked. 🙂 Of course, this was taken by my dad using our VCR when I was still young! Your friends will surely like this post so don’t forget to share it with them.