10 High-Tech Wearable Gadgets That I Can’t Believe Already Exist… WOAH!

Design and technology are two different things that complement each other. When strategically merged, they bring out breath-taking and stunning creations. Nowadays, everyone fancies about wearable technology which showcases both innovation and style. Apart from its performance, a high-tech gadget must provide the exact attitude and brilliance required by the user for a fantastic experience.

As of 2015, different companies were able to deliver state-of-the-art breakthroughs. Most of them also champed on incorporating sophisticated and sleek designs to make such gadgets even more desirable. In the category of wearable technology,  here are 10 of the best high-tech and wearable gadgets that we discovered.


1. Intel MICA Bracelet

Intel launched its wearable technology called MICA (My Integrated Communication Accessory) Bracelet almost a year ago. The elegant-looking gadget has snake skin finish, beautiful lapis stones from Madagascar and precious pearls from China. It also boasts a 1.6 inch sapphire touchscreen that is flawlessly fitted to its body. The Intel MICA Bracelet can provide alerts, notifications and important reminders for as long as it is connected with your mobile device.


2. Skully AR-1

Skully AR-1 can be the future standard helmet for bike riders. Apart from protection, it also offers extreme style and innovative features just like what you see in Iron Man. The headgear connects with smartphones, can assist with navigation via GPS and an easy-to-focus screen. With Skully AR-1, you can live the Tony Stark feel without a touch of a hand.


3. Core Jewels One

Core Jewels of Tokyo, Japan revealed its fantastic gadget which is called the Core Jewels One. It functions like a key to your cloud storage. You can also use this for electronic payments and unlocking a smartphone (iOS or Android)


4. Nike Hyperdunk+

Style should also be incorporated in Sports and the market is a huge witness to this. Nike launched the Hyperdunk+ for basketball players. It monitors your speed, jumping level and overall game performance. The data is acquired by the device implanted inside the foot gear and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can even record videos of the basketball game while on court and share it together with your stats to different social media platforms.


5. Oculus Rift

The future of gaming was revealed when Oculus Rift was launched. This device amps up the entertainment and everyone who have tried it enjoyed an ultimate virtual reality experience.


6. Smart Jewel

Christopher Grayson and his team believes that smartwatches won’t be a good choice for women. Because of that, they thoughtfully came up with a more feminine counterpart of a wearable notification device. This fantastic piece of jewelry will tirelessly provide important notifications without bringing out your smartphone.


7. MOTA Smart Ring

wearable gadgets - MOTA smart ring

This sophisticated ring has the potential to become the queen of all notification devices. The MOTA Smart Ring is innovative, classy, light-weight, water resistant and fits different tastes and style. It also showcase wonderful features that allows its user to view notifications, SMS, e-mails and anyone who wanted to reach them anytime and at any place.


8. Netatmo June

For those who are aching to know whether they’ve had enough exposure to sunlight, Netatmo June will be there to figure it out and give you a warning. This pretty accessory can replace your SPF cream as it can detect the amount of UV levels that touches your skin. Netatmo June will also remind you of the right time to wear sunglasses and put your hat on.


9. Energy Addicts (Wearable Gadgets)

Just like in the video games and movies, some devices are needed to be partly plugged to the body for different purposes. Apart from mind-control, such technology can also be used as a tracking device or a destructive weapon. In this case, Energy Addicts gives the world a noble cause. Through this accessory, you can charge a mobile device from the energy that your blood flow can generate. Naomi Kizhner’s jewelry piece is not for those who have heart-problems as it requires being injected to your veins so that it can function.


10. AK-47 Cufflinks

The AK-47 model of cufflinks is as deadly as it sounds. This high-end jewelry for men can literally destroy assault rifles and other gun calibers. It is made up of AK-47s’ metal, 18 karat rose gold and white gold. There are only 20 pairs of AK-47 cufflinks that exist and those will be sold through elite parties and VIP events. If you have $32,500 of cash ready, try to find that event so that you can get a killer and rare pair of cufflinks.

Your friends may be able to tell what is the most suitable accessory for you. Go ahead and let them see this article.