How This Guy Made A Rotten-Looking Banana Fresh Again!

Bananas are delicious! They are loaded with potassium and eating one while waiting for dinner will definitely keep hunger at bay. Bananas are great for dieters too! And if you’re craving for sweets, devouring a super ripe banana will keep you away from those devilish temptations!

But eating a rotten-looking banana! A big NO for me! Just seeing that black-dotty-moist banana skin makes me puke right away! Thanks to this genius guy, he made a super cool kitchen hack that will make rotten-looking bananas fresh once again. This amazing banana trick is like doing magic right at the comfort of your own kitchen.

Here’s what you need:
– The rotten-looking banana
– Rice
– Ziploc
– Hair drier

Remember that old yet useful trick when your cellphone gets wet? The same principle applies. Get a bag of Ziploc and put rice inside. Then place the rotten-looking banana and squish out all the air before zipping it in. Let it sit for about an hour or so. Take out the banana and get your hair drier. Adjust your blower to warm setting and let the magic begin.

If you’re not convinced that this super cool kitchen hack really works, see it in action!

Video from: YouTube

Surely it won’t make the banana very fresh but it makes it edible and sumptuous-looking once again. Now you don’t need to throw those bananas once they get oxidized and blackish! I bet this trick will help you save tons of cash. And if you still don’t want to eat them even after this trick, just make a smoothie with peanut butter 🙂 Amazed? Share this to your friends!