How This Man Test Batteries Made Me Totally Speechless!

Even though we live on this highly technology era where everything seems to be modern and advanced, still there are native inventions we can’t live without. One great example would be alkaline batteries. True that most devices of today uses lithium-ion batteries that can hold charge more efficiently than traditional ones but then some gadgets like remote control, wall clock, children toys, etc. still need those one-time use batteries.

Admit it or not, we have a huge stash of dead batteries lying around our house. Hoping that some of them are still working, we tend to hoard them religiously not knowing which ones are dead and those that are still usable. Of course you can buy an inexpensive battery tester to check bad ones from good ones but why bother to spend a dime when there’s an easy battery test for free?

Called the bounce test, nothing could be simpler than this super easy battery test! You don’t need a meter, wires, clips or anything but only the batteries that needs to be tested. Curious on how this trick works?


See it yourself and tell me this isn’t genius! Here’s the clip:

Video from: YouTube

By simply using this easy battery test, you can tell if the battery is still good if it remains standing up after you drop it from about an inch or so. While bad batteries on the other hand will bounce several times then fall over. According to the host, this trick works on all kinds of alkaline batteries. Although the reason behind it is still unclear, he said that it might be the change in the density of the batteries that’s why bad ones fall and good ones remain standing. Amazing eh? Share this to your friends!