I Can’t Stop Smiling When I Saw These 15 Baby Pictures! 🙂

What could be prettier than a newborn baby, still clueless in this very demanding world, smiling in front of the camera? Those innocent eyes, sweet smile, angelic facial expression, and charming tiny imprint makes them the cutest thing in this world! I bet all parents as well as soon-to-be moms and dads will agree on this.

But when I saw these 15 artistic baby pictures, I couldn’t help myself but adore their innocent smile and genuine pose! Dressed like superheroes and grown-up characters, these pictures are the cutest thing I’ve even seen in this world! Kudos to the photographer for these creative shots, the main characters likewise deserve a standing ovation for not crying in front of the camera! 🙂


1. Aww! What a contagious smile baby!

2. Little Mario taking a nap while King Koopa is not yet around…

3. And this angelic little warrior riding a pony for his next battle!

4. Yeah… we will defend the earth, but let us take a nap first!

5. Raphael the Ninja Turtle seems to be too tired to fight.

6. Batman and his brand new Batmobile – minute version. 🙂

7. This mini nerd fell asleep while studying tons of lessons and assignments!

8. Dreaming about his lightsaber…

9. I am the cutest on this Star Wars Cast right?

10. Hmm… I wonder why studying makes me really sleepy…

11. Anna and her new found guardian – Sabina the Grinch!

12. Flash thinking about his new hairstyle, with bangs 🙂

13. Mom, reading this book makes me super drowsy… sorry.

14. She is sleeping again? I need to wake this girl up!

15. And this miniscule Superman discerning ways on how to conserve his Kryptonite!

Photos from: facebook/mott.pe

Aww… these super cute and very artistic baby pictures are without a doubt awesome! I wonder what will be their reaction seeing these photos say 20 years from now. I can’t imagine their facial expressions! But hey, these shots are magnificent so they should be proud! Share this post to aspiring and soon-to-be proud parents!