I Want To Live In These Top 10 World’s Most Visited Castles!

Castles, palaces, châteaux or whatever you may want to call them, these grandiose homes are always intriguing to visit. The very ornate place, adorned furniture, golden walls, perfectly constructed architecture, powerful people, wealthy kings, royal bloods… who wouldn’t want to visit a stunning castle!

Just imagine that once in their lives, some of the world’s most powerful people walk though this very place with tons of soldiers always at their side. Here’s the top 10 world’s most visited castles all across the globe. From European-inspired arcs to red exteriors and golden pagodas, I am dying to experience how it feels like to live on these palaces!

1. The Forbidden City – Beijing, China

Chinese emperors and rulers once lived on this grandiose place. The bright red building, golden pagodas, million-dollar worth vases, historical calligraphy writings; this palace showcases the might and power of China.

2. Grand Palace – Bangkok, Thailand

Up to date, the royal offices of the Grand Palace are still used for special occasions such as Royal Birthdays, ceremonies, anniversaries, etc. The Emerald Buddha, which is a religious deity made from a single block of jade and adorned with pure gold resides on this splendid place.

3. Palace of Versailles – France

Once the envy of other European monarchs, the Palace of Versailles in France houses the ever stunning Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors, fabulous chandeliers and Marie Antoinette’s fantastic bedroom.

4. Topkapi Palace – Istanbul, Turkey

It was the royal residence for about 400 years until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The highly decorated walls, the diamond & emerald studded bow, intricate gazebos and huge gardens makes it a fantastic place to house a ruler.

5. The Winter Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia

This green and white baroque style palace was the home of Russian royals. Aside from its magnificent architecture, the Winter Palace is the home of some of the world’s finest art pieces.

6. Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna, Austria

Hapsburg emperors used to live here from 1700s to 1918. As difficult as its name to pronounce, unbelievably there are 1,441 rooms on this palace. The white and gold Rococo decoration and crystal mirrors further makes this place a true stunner.

7. Kumamoto Castle – Japan

In order to repel invaders, the Kumamoto Castle was built with 44-foot-high outward curving stone walls called the “musha-gaeshi”. 800 cherry trees are equally present on the site making it much more beautiful when the trees are in blossom.

8. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany

Amongst all, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany greatly resembles to fairy-tale looking castles we always see on TVs. Following a Byzantine-inspired design, the high mountains and vast forest on the background makes this place epic!

9. Windsor Castle – Berkshire, United Kingdom

This palace in UK houses nearly 39 British kings and queens. Adorned with painted ceilings and very ornate wood carvings, the main attraction of this castle is the waterloo chamber that celebrates the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte.

10. Doge’s Palace – Venice, Italy

The gothic architecture of this palace makes it so unique and nonetheless amazing. There are marbled fireplaces, painted friezes and stucco work all over the place.

Source: travelandleisure

With the spectacular beauty and vast array of highly prized décors kept inside these palaces, there’s no wonder why they are the world’s most visited castles! For me, that castle in Germany is what I want most. But all of them are ok… I’m not choosy 🙂 Do you think your friends will love to stay on these majestic abodes?