I Was Amazed With These 10 Colorful Homes Worldwide!

Big grandiose establishments, buildings with unique architectures, futuristic stores… yeah we already know them for sure. But how about some of the most wonderful and eclectically unique homes found all across the globe? No, where not talking about residential structures with salivating furniture and million-dollar worth facades, this is something more realistic to us working class citizens.

Imagine the world without colors, everything in black and white, boring isn’t it? And we don’t want any form of boredom especially on our homes, right? But with these interestingly unique houses, the word “boring” is never an option. For them, color is a mandatory need they can’t live without. From private suburbs to big cities, check out these 10 colorful homes worldwide that will make you say WOW!


1. Ornate House in Mykonos, Greece

2. The Rainbow House in Brooklyn, New York

3. Nautilus House in Mexico

4. Mural in Ataco, El Salvador

5. The Granada in Nicaragua

6. Wimereux House in France

7. Residential Buildings in Moscow, Russia

8. Playful Home in Cologne, Germany

9. Townhouses in Istanbul, Turkey

10. Uzupis Galera in Vilnius, Lithuania

H/T to: youramazingplaces

Isn’t these colorful homes worldwide fantastically magnificent? I am so envy with that house in Brooklyn, New York, the shades and tones used are awesome! I really like that idea and it is completely doable! Do you find these homes gorgeous? Let us know your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this to your friends!