I Was Shocked When I Saw This Dog House! It’s Unbelievable!

For pet lovers, dogs are more than just man’s best friend. Whether they are breed to guard our homes or lap dogs to make us happy, we treat Fido like our own children. We provide them all the tender loving care they need. That is on top of quality food, regular exercise, frequent checkups to the vet, and of course a comfortable place where they can relax and ponder.

Talking about dog beds or dog houses, there’s too little selection on the market if you want Fido to live like a king. He might not have a fancy condominium unit or high-end apartment but surely he’ll love this modern dog house called the “Puphaus”.

Puphaus is a super lovely dog house made contemporary and at the same time functional.

It is designed by Pyramid Design Co. to give our 4-legged friends a nice comfy sleep.

This outdoor modern dog house boasts a minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing design…

Each unit comes with a spacious patio and built-in food & water bowls.

For better air circulation, the company chose to add a floating roof…

Since this dog house is meant for outdoor use, all materials are weather-resistant so it’ll last for years to come…

Source: trendhunter

Wow! This modern dog house is so perfect for Amy and Bruno, my Chow Chow babies! I’m sure they will get a good night sleep and a conducive place to relax after a tiring playtime. I never knew that such dog house exist, now I’m bidding goodbye to flimsy dog beds and breakable wooden dog crates! Though, Amy and Bruno should rent this unit on me monthly. 🙂 Let your pet lover friends discover this post!