I Was Shocked When I Saw This Passport Under Blacklight!

Defined as an imperative travel document issued by a country’s government, passport is like a mini booklet that certifies our identity as well as nationality. Normally passports contain the bearer’s name, date of birth, photograph, nationality, signature and other identifying information solely validated by the government. Although they have generic data written on the page, passport design differs from country to country.

While most passports are including microchip on their design as well as other machine-readable symbols to make counterfeiting more difficult, this passport you’re about to see is surprisingly different. Under standard lightning condition, it does have all the usual information one would normally see on a passport. But when placed under black light, this Canadian passport suddenly becomes a true work of art!


The Canadian passport do have a variety of wonderful images printed on its pages. But the magic happens when each page is placed under blacklight!

From luxurious waterfalls to known personalities, even the famous maple leaf can be seen glowing in every corner of this travel document!

When placed under blacklight, you will be surprised to discover that there are hidden cryptograms instilled on every images…

The lifeless looking depictions suddenly becomes an enchanting work of art full of colors and vibrancy!

H/T to: imgur

After seeing this, I want to have a Canadian passport! I bet not all Canadians know that on their passport lies hidden beauties that can only be unveiled under blacklight! I wish all passports in the world is as colorful and surprising as this!

Hmm… now I am thinking if my very own non-Canadian passport do have hidden cryptograms as well! Go ahead and check yours! Should you find anything interesting on your passport, let us know by hitting the comments section below.