I Was Speechless When I Saw These 3D Printed Shoes, Wow!

Often neglected and disregarded, footwear actually plays a huge role on one’s fashion statement. Just like accessories, it can make or break the overall look and feel of the apparel.  Wrong shoes, mismatched heels, unlikely sandals, off slippers, incompatible boots… all of them can literally put you in the ever feared worst dress category!

Blaming big fashion companies and well-known shoe makers? Why don’t you try these shoes made by famous architects and designers? Yes, you’ve heard it right! Architects and interior designers are now into shoe making business, but only for a while. Five famous and highly acclaimed architects as well as designers recently unveiled their latest sculptural shoes for the footwear brand United Nude.

Architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero together with designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young made stunning 3D printed shoes that will really blow your mind! While most of them if not all can’t be worn every day, their designs are absolutely fantastic it will literally leave you speechless!


Flames designed by Zaha Hadid

This high-heeled black shoes features a thorn-like accent all around.

UNX2 by Ben Van Berkel

Resembling a hoof, this one is shaped like a curvaceous shell with emphasize on vertical lines.

Ilabo made by Ross Lovegrove

Embodying a tall fine mesh design covering the sole, it’s like a curtain that opens up on the toe and heel area.

Young Shoe designed by Michael Young

Check out the solid base topped and intricate lattice design positioned at an angle from the ground.

Ammonite made by Fernando Romero

Inspired by the spiral fossilized creatures of the ocean, this pentagonal shoe completely covers the wearer’s foot and ankle.

These 3D printed shoes took nearly 24 hours to print using the Pro 60 SLS machine. And each pair is made from two different materials, hard nylon for the sole and TPU for the uppers to make it flexible and softer.

Photos from: dezeen

These unique and totally flamboyant footwear rocks! Hmm… I wonder what’s next to these architects and designers, bags made from metal and apparel made from pliable construction materials? Not impossible but only time will tell!