I Was Stunned When I Saw This 25-SQM Micro Apartment!

Living spaces of today are getting tinier and really smaller. What’s worst, the cost of real estate lot increases per year making it super costly to purchase even a decent sized property that you can call a home. But for Concrete Architectural Associates, space is not a problem. Even if it’s teeny weeny, you can build a comfortable living space out from it.

And the Zoku Loft in Amsterdam proves it all. Measuring just 25 square meters, the company recently unveiled this new type of hotel that promotes spacious micro apartment. Yes it has a limited floor area but it comes complete with all the amenities one will need for a cozy living. Even more, it doesn’t look cramped or restricted!


This is the Zoku Loft, the surprisingly beautiful tiny micro apartment.

It focuses more on living and working area but there’s a place to relax as well.

With pull out stairs that magically disappears when not in use…

The two-seater sofa can be used to entertain guests…

Functional kitchen with induction cooker, sink, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, etc.

See, there’s a bed to spend a relaxing night!

This is the workplace area…

And just look at that stunning lavatory with modern interiors!

You can even hang pull-up bars on this micro apartment to meet fitness necessities.

H/T to: designswan

Although this tiny apartment-type hotel is marketed towards working professionals and backpackers, this concept is likewise applicable for those who want to build a home but are desperately facing small lot issues. A practical home like this is simply marvelous and it doesn’t require a huge property to begin with! Perfect for bachelors, starting professionals and families with limited financial capabilities, the Zoku Loft is just what we need in today’s unforgiving economy!