I Was Surprised When I Saw This Potato Peeling Technique!

Potatoes are considered to be a kitchen staple. Not just on Western menus, but even Eastern food use potatoes that often you can see them on almost every dish! Who would say no to this creamy root crop that is so versatile you can make tons of dishes with it as the main ingredient! French fries, potato salad, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, sweetened potato dessert, tortilla de patata, and the list of heavenly meals just goes on and on.

Although delicious and definitely fulfilling, there’s one thing I hate most about potatoes, peeling them! Yes it’s easy to peel them using a peeler but if you have stash of potatoes that needs to be peeled, this can get really get boring and time consuming. Luckily, this man discovered an amazing potato peeling technique that makes the job quick and easy!

Dave Hax, host of a popular YouTube channel demonstrates how to peel potatoes super easy. No peeler or special ingredients required but just a knife and boiling water! I promise when you see this, you will never peel potatoes the same way again!


Here’s the video:

Video from: YouTube

This potato peeling technique is really awesome! He just sliced the potato skin using a knife making sure that the two ends meet, boils it then put under running water until it’s cool to touch. Then for some magical reasons, the skin simply peels off effortlessly! I think the key here is to shock the potatoes quickly from hot to cold so that the skin will automatically loosen from its body.

Now I can make mashed potatoes every day without worrying about peeling the potatoes, this is also perfect for making thinly sliced potato chips because my kids won’t eat them with their skin on. This kitchen hack is certainly time saving! Why don’t you try this tip at home and share the result on the comments section below? Happy potato peeling! 🙂