If A War Of Machines Happened, These 10 Robots Are Most Likely To Emerge Victorious

If humans co-exist with fictional robots from the anime and movies, the whole world will surely be in chaos. A war may be triggered and billions of lives will be at extreme danger. But before the machines could start eliminating nations, they may need to engage in a brawl with each other to make the domination a whole lot easier.


Take note, we will be removing the Androids and Cell from Dragonball Z as they are considered OP.


So, before the sky pour fiery bolts and nuts, place your bets. Here are the robots that are most likely to survive and triumph in the ultimate war of machines.



Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken)


This lovely and kind-hearted steel-maiden has emotions at auto-pilot mode which makes her different from other robots. But once she was solely tasked to destroy, Alisa could be very destructive and would show no mercy to her target. Alisa Bosconovitch can sprout wing-like jets and bring out her deadly chainsaws. Her head can also be used as a bomb which shocks and damages at the same time.


As seen in Blood Vengeance, half of what was left with Alisa was able to partly tear down a huge supernatural creature with her rocket launchers. She can definitely do the same with other scrap-heaps who would be joining the ultimate war.


war of machines - Alisa Bosconovitch

Source: Nendogamer



Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla)


To beat the King Godzilla, you only need to create a mecha version of him. That’s exactly what the aliens did so that they can invade the earth once the huge life-form kissed the surface dead. Mechagodzilla was heavily armored and equipped with mouth-based beam and cannons. This robotic doppelganger will surely kick some robotic rear at a mecha war.


war of machines - Mechagodzilla

Source: IGN



T-800 (The Terminator)


The Terminator is another force to be reckoned with despite having the shape and limits like of a normal human being. He cannot fly and he may not be able to outrun other mechas but he is so epic that everyone can picture him ripping the cables of other mutants in combat.


war of machines - The Terminator

Source: Geek


Optimus Prime (Transformers)


The mighty leader of the autobots will not fall down without giving a good fight. Optimus Prime won’t be able to tame and pilot a group of formidable mecha warriors if not for his awesome swordsmanship, tactics, leadership and skills in combat.


war of machines - Optimus Prime

Source: Screencrush


Doraemon (Doraemon)


Many would raise their eyebrows and wonder how Doraemon can survive and win battles at war. Don’t be deceived by his cuddlesome features as you won’t be able to predict the next earth-shaking stuff that he’ll use. With technology from a faraway future, Doraemon can do almost anything without breaking a sweat. He can choose to travel through time to stop this war or  make the other robots disappear with just a push of a button.



Red Queen (Resident Evil)


The Red Queen is a cutting-edge supercomputer tasked to monitor activities happening in The Hive, its employees and the T-Virus.  Due to desperation of minimizing the effects of the T-virus outbreak in an Umbrella facility, she took extreme steps to control it. This includes killing all the employees to stop the spread of the infection. This protocol resulted to failure which caused the Red Queen to lose its sanity. Due to this, she continued the goal of exterminating mankind.


The Red Queen can infect living things with T-virus and mutate them into horrific and stronger creatures. She can let out flying beasts, lickers, thousands of zombies, Axemen, tyrants and an improved version of rocket-launcher wielding Nemesis to destroy the threats. If the Red Queen won this war, she can just terminate all the zombies in one snap and start a new life o Earth with her cloned humans.


war of machines - Red Queen

Red Queen (Resident Evil)


Gipsy Danger and the Jaegers (Pacific Rim)


Gipsy Danger and the Jaegers are robots designed to fight gigantic creatures coming from a dimensional rift near the Pacific Rim. Though there are lots of robots to love in the movie, Gipsy Danger is the most unforgettable of them all. He has the plasma cannon, a chainsword and insurmountable rocket punches that can help him win a clash.


war of machines - Gipsy Danger

Source: Digital Spy


Tripods (War of the Worlds)


War of the Worlds is one of the scariest alien invasion movies of all time. Most of the fear may have come from the alien-made war ship called Tripods. It destructs nearby buildings and kills people using its Martian Heat Ray and poisonous gas. They are going to literally set the houses on fire before they could contract a bacteria that will eventually kill them.


war of machines - Tripods

Source: tumblr


Sentinels (The Matrix)


This particular Sentinels somehow move and function like the Tripods. All they do is patrol around their designated areas and kill humans. They show no mercy and religiously follow instructions coming from the source. The Sentinels of The Matrix is a state-of-the-art mecha and the design is very sleek. Apart from the beautiful appearance, this machine will keep the humankind entertained during the war.


war of machines - The Sentinels of The Matrix

Source: Playbuzz


Future Sentinels (X-Men)


They are unbeatable and have proven their might. Our beloved X-men heroes are no match for their adaptability and supreme power that they needed to alter the past to survive in the future. The Future Sentinels can sustain against any attacks, change their body features to develop resistance, identify the pattern of the opponent’s fighting style and quickly come up with a way to defeat it. Given all these facts, the Future Sentinels have greater chances to win this war.


war of machines - Future Sentinels

Source: Comicvine



What can you say about this list? Any fictional war machines in mind that can possibly beat the above mechas?


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