In Finland Newborn Babies Are Raised Inside A Box! Shocking!

In Finland, crib manufacturers are always in an all-time low season. In fact, many businesses opt not to enter the crib manufacturing industry anymore because almost 95% of expecting parents would never avail their products. Blame it on the government but there’s a brilliant reason behind this! It’s the old-time tradition of Finnish baby boxes.

Every expectant or adaptive mother in Finland, regardless of religion, social status and ethnicity receives a newborn box from the government courtesy of the social security institution, Kela. These Finnish baby boxes when open will reveal various baby necessities such as reusable cloth diapers, clothing, bath products, sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bedding, and a small mattress that serves a purpose. Once all the items are taken out, the included mattress is placed on the bottom of the cardboard box turning it into an awesome baby’s crib!


This little fella sleeping on his cardboard box baby crib seems to like it!

And this soon-to-be parents can’t hide their excitement upon receiving the box full of goodies!

But if you don’t want to take these Finnish baby boxes, you have an option to receive the cash grant of 140 euros instead. Albeit, 95% of parents choose the box and leave the cash behind. These moms and dads are just being practical because the items in the box are worth more than the cash grant!


Who can say no to these awesome goodies! They’re gender-neutral too!

Although new to the world, Finnish baby boxes are an old-time tradition dating back to 1938 when it was only available to low-income families. In 1949, the government expanded it to include everyone. If you’re wondering what’s the reason behind this “babies-in-boxes” thingy, it is a form of reinforcement to encourage pregnant women to seek medical consultation.


Check out this YouTube video report from BBC:

H/T to: viralnova

So if you’re an expecting mother living in Finland, you just need to complete your medical consultation and right before you conceive, your very own box is ready for delivery! The idea behind this Finnish baby boxes is absolutely brilliant! Besides preventing maternal complications and newborn diseases, you’ll get a unique baby crib full of luxuries! I wish this idea is available to all countries, except those suffering from overpopulation of course!