These 10 iPhone Tricks Will Change The Way You Use Your iPhone

The iPhone is a very useful gadget that has been out in the market now for some and has been taking customers by storm. This apple smartphone has had different models, and the latest ones are more or less a complete package— mobile phone, camera, music player, gaming console, virtual assistant, etc. However,  there’s so much more to the iPhone than most people know. There are a lot of iPhone hacks or tricks that most people probably know. I was even shocked when I learned about 10 of those hacks, which are found below!


1. Shake your iPhone to undo typing

Did you commit a typing error? Don’t worry! Just shake your iPhone, and you’ll have an “undo” option.


2. Take multiple shots

When you’re in camera, press and hold down the shutter button to take multiple shots for your photos.


3. Invert the screen color

You can continue using your iPhone at night, lessen eye strain, and avoid disturbing other people by turning on Invert Colors found in Settings>General>Accessbility


4. What time did I receive the message?

To know the individual time of messages in your inbox, simply swipe anywhere on your screen to the left.


5. Airplane mode coming through!

Turn on airplane mode to charge your iPhone twice faster. Go on and try it!


6. Take pictures with the volume buttons

This is an alternate way of taking pictures especially when you’re in “selfie” mode. Press any of the control buttons to take the picture, instead of the shutter button. This is easier.


7. Turn off your music automatically

If you like to turn off your music while you’re asleep, you can use the timer to do this. Simply go to the timer app, choose “When Timer Ends”, then scroll down and choose “Stop Playing.” You can choose the length of time and then the timer will automatically turn off your music.


8. Make your iPhone speak  a selected text

You can use this to randomly prank people. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Speak Selection and turn it on. Whenever you select a text, a “Speak” option will now appear. Enjoy!



9. Turn off simple passcode

You can actually create a passcode using letters, and not just numbers. To do this, go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode”. Then everything else will follow.



10. View detailed calendar

When using the calendar application, turn your iPhone sideways (landscape mode), and then you’ll get a more detailed calendar look.


Now you know better about these very useful iPhone hacks. You’re now a genius in your own way! Why don’t you share this to your friends!