Is This The Future Of Animals? Then I am Totally Terrified!

From flying hover boards to cloning human body parts, the technology of today is really getting better and better! If from before we could only hope to see flying mini aircrafts delivering goods straight from our house, now it is very much possible with drones! And not so long ago people are just wishing to have a super-fast internet connection. But today the technology of fiber internet can bring not just megabytes of speed but gigabit!

Indeed, we have come very far from using technology and we see no stopping from this infectious trend. In fact, even animals can now be cloned! Don’t believe us? Hold tight on your seats because what you’re about to see will definitely make you say AMAZING!

The researchers from MIT has developed a robotic cheetah that can run at the speed of 5 miles per hour. The so-called cheetah-bot can likewise sense obstacles and plans out its path to estimate when and where to jump. Although it doesn’t have the same skin and pattern of a real cheetah, still this is a fantastic invention that will change the way we see animals in the future.


Check out this video and watch the robotic cheetah in full action!

Video from: YouTube

We cannot deny the many advantages of technology. From making things efficient to improving our lives, it has contributed well enough on our society. Thanks to the genius mind and unparalleled devotion of tech geeks, expect to see more surprising inventions as the day goes by.

Actually, I am excited to see this robotic cheetah running around the streets. At least they are not as wild and ferocious as their real counterpart! And you can pet them without worrying about your arms and hands! What can you say about this cheetah-bot? Share your thoughts on the comments section below!