Is This The Future Of Toilets Am Seeing? This Is Exciting!

If from before we have covered about the amazing and truly unique public toilet in Japan (insert link to post), this time it’s a bit different but nevertheless still related. How many times do you actually flush the toilet after pooping tons of dung? Sounds yucky right? But hey this problem really happens to us every single day! Two times, three, four, five? And that thing still isn’t flushing? Oh well… toilet problems!

But one company in California, USA has the ultimate answer to this known commode flushing dilemma. St. Thomas Creations invented this mega powerful and really monstrous super toilet that can flush everything, literally EVERYTHING! From 2.5 lbs. of carrots to 20 full size golf balls, this toilet can take it all. Wow, is this the future of toilets am seeing? If yes, then eliminating all those not-so-good food evidences wouldn’t be a problem! Don’t believe us, check out this video.


This super toilet would definitely change the way you do business!

Video from: YouTube

Did you just see how this toilet magically flushed 3.5 pounds of dog food? Now we’re talking about some serious flushing power here huh. Eat everything you want and rest assured that this toilet will take care of the rest. What’s great about this innovative commode is that you don’t have to waste tons of water just to flush little dungs floating in the water. Indeed this is more efficient, economical, powerful and practical than most chamber pots available.

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