The Japanese Spiderman You Didn’t Know Existed

Whenever people talk about the Marvel superhero Spider-man, the new generation may automatically link him to Andrew Garfield. In my case, I always stop for a second as I was torn thinking between Tobey Maguire and the actor who plays the innovative and perky Spidey. On the other hand, the older generation may happily share their memories of Nicholas Hammond who became the first amazing Spider-man in history.


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Japanese Spiderman

If you think that they are the only guys who played as the arachnid superhero, consider giving it a second thought. A little bit after some episodes of “The Amazing Spider-man” series (1977) of Nicholas Hammond was aired, a Japanese film, TV production and distribution corporation produced “Spider-man” which is loosely based on the hero from Marvel Comics. Toei Company did not just create a television series but they also released a live action movie on top.


Though Toei’s Spiderman wore the same costume as its Marvel counterpart, this version deviated completely from the source material. The Japanese show gave a different story line and origin of the superhero’s powers. But one of the biggest, talked about dissimilarity is the jap-spidey’s combat companion. As the show was injected with tokusatsu elements (just like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series) and it happened during the success of mecha pop culture, Spiderman-kun was given a giant mecha robo named Leopardon.


Unfortunately, Marvel back then was not pleased with the creative efforts and cheesy add-ons of the Japanese. There had been lots of issues and tension between Toei and Marvel about this controversial version of Spider-man. But recently, Marvel has finally acknowledged Spiderman-kun and included the Japanese version in their fold. Legal agreement was reached and streaming of the Japanese Spider-man has since become available on their official site.


Watch this fantastic trailer and indulge yourself on the cheesy flavor of the Japanese Spider-man.



source: Forbes