This Girl Glued Some Yarn Together – Guess What She Created? Truly Genius!

I am always on the look for modern home decors that are sleek and playful. It matches my personality as well as my newly renovated apartment. However, they are always hard to find and truly expensive. While surfing the web for DIY projects, I came across this very cool designing idea that makes me truly speechless! Why? Because it is easy to make and so beautiful!

Yarn lampshade and yarn globes are a main stay on home décor shops, they are absolutely gorgeous but dead expensive. Yet for this lady, her mind is so genius that she decided to make one out from ordinary materials! And the result is really amazing…

Here’s what you need:

  • Colored cotton yarn of your choice
  • Standard school glue
  • Large bouncy ball

Making this exciting and funky yarn lampshade is easy, just:

  1. Cover the work area with trash bags for easy cleaning.
  2. Mix equal parts of glue and water in a container.
  3. Soak the whole yarn into the glue mixture.
  4. Get the bouncy ball and mark the openings. One for the bottom part and another small hole on top for the light fixture.
  5. Take the glue-soaked yarn and start wrapping it around the ball.
  6. Once done pour in the remaining glue mixture all over the ball to make it sturdier.
  7. Let the ball dry for about 2 days and deflate it slowly to get the ball out from the lamp.
  8. Finally, fix a lamp wire inside and hang it everywhere you want.

Below is the video for specific instructions.

Source: YouTube

Amazing isn’t it? I never knew that yarn and glue could make awesome home decors! I like to match this lampshade with small yarn globes on my desk, a big lantern on my living room and couple of yarn hangers on my room. Do you have other DIY yarn projects on mind? Hit the comments section below!