They Left a Well Uncapped. A Few Years On, Something Alien-Looking Came Out!

It was in the early twentieth century when a farmer decided to drill a well for his own agricultural business. He dug deep into the Earth and was disappointed on what he had discovered. The man was able to find water but unfortunately, its temperature is over 200 degrees. He stopped his dream and totally forgot about the plan of supplying his area with a sustainable water source. The man-made well was left uncapped.


In 1964, a team with innovative drilling technology came to the man-made well to dig.


They ended up abandoning the site and the well remained open for years.

Like the first attempt, the group failed as they faced extremely hot water which is far from what they have expected.


Due to extreme pressure under sky-high temperature, gasses, minerals, water and nutrients rose and flooded the surface of the land.


This resulted to a small geyser and years had passed, it became enormous and alien-looking.


Despite the unusual form and color, the Fly Geyser in Nevada looks magical and breath-taking from a distance.

man made well


Steaming hot water shoots up from its mouth while tourists are enjoying the beautiful sight.

man made well


This mountain of minerals shocked the world with its history and features.

Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser

Photo: Newsner


Who would have thought that a failed business venture could turn into a stunning attraction?

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