Money Saving Tips By Using… Teabags? – This Is Amazing!

Every morning instead of drinking coffee, I usually sip a spicy tea to help waken up my senses. And at snack, a good minty tea calms down all my worries and agitations brought by work. Before going to bed, a cup of soothing chamomile tea makes me fall asleep faster than a tab of Benadryl. With a big YES… I am a self-confessed tea addict!

With my daily routine, not including rest days and tea party with friends, just imagine how many tea bags I throw in a day! And this post made me so want to turn back time because I didn’t know that I could save some cash with used teabags! Wow! Who would have thought that after enjoying my favorite cup of tea, these consumed teabags has tons of other uses!

On the video your about to see, this lady discusses the many money saving tips brought by teabags. From soothing minor skin irritations, removing dark circles around the eyes, eliminating puffy eyes to deodorizing shoes and refrigerator, this is really amazing!


Check this out…

Video from: YouTube

Isn’t this money saving tips fantastic? Just like what the lady in the video said “while the flavor is in the tea, the savings are in the bag”. So the next time you steep a tea and enjoy all its awesome goodness, don’t throw them away because you’re like throwing money in the bin! Do you have other money saving tricks using teabags? Share it on the comments section below and pass this post to your friends!