They Created a New Suitcase That Will Change the Way You Travel. Forever.

If you are a frequent traveler just like me, packing your things is the most boring stuff ever! Imagine that you need to fold and pack shirts, pants, shoes, etc. and shove them all on your teeny weeny suitcase. What’s worst, when you arrive to the hotel, finding a single t-shirt would require you to take out all your stuffs and shove them back in once again.

What a nightmare to travel! Gladly, some genius company has invented a new very smart suitcase for us impatient travelers. It is called the Shelfpack! This one is so amazing that aside from having a suitcase, the trolley doubles as a portable closet. Now you don’t need to rely on those pesky hotel cabinets!


This genius suitcase comes with built-in collapsible shelves.


Although it is not your usual comfy luggage, the four shelves will make cloth organization much easier! Additionally, it has three outer pocket compartments to store your toiletries, passports, tickets, keys, etc. The entire suitcase comes with a series of retractable support and when in transit, the shelves drop into the case’s body making it look like just any other luggage.

Thinking about the specifications of this genius suitcase, here it is!

Note the 42” tall shelve you’re having! That can hold many shirts and pants completely organized all the time!


The Shelfpack suitcase is very easy to use. Just unzip it, raise the supports, lift the shelves and there you have it! Your very own portable closet! Watch this video for a quick demo.

Source: shelfpack

Although this genius suitcase isn’t available on any stores yet, the company said that shipping of pre-order items has begun in August 2015. Wow! This is such an amazing and incredibly wonderful travelling buddy, much more than my furious cronies! Share this post to your friends and see if they would like it!