This Man Cuts A Balloon And Amazingly Came Up With This!

Oh stress… you can find it everywhere. From your work, on the streets and even on your house! Well this man is genius enough to create something unusual out from ordinary balloons. No we are not stressing you out, this is actually a great way to relieve your stress!

For the famous YouTuber Grant Thompson, known as “The King of Random”, you don’t need to buy those expensive stress balls because you can easily create one! All you need are colorful balloons (you can even use metallic tones if you like) and flour. Yes, those two materials are enough to take away all the stress you have in life (well, maybe not everything)! Don’t believe us, here’s the clip:

Yet before you start making these Ninja Squishy Balls, better be warned that doing this inside your home with your kids around will make cleaning one hella-of-a-job. Just a friendly reminder 🙂 Do this outside and don’t wear black shirts!

Video: YouTube

These Ninja Squishy Balls looks really cool and wonderful. You can squeeze them out as hard as you like to release all anxieties you have in life. Or you can shape them up, throw them really good on the floor, juggle them up in the air; you can literally do anything you want! But if you got bored… they can also serve as gorgeous home decorations. 🙂 Share this post to your friends and see whose Ninja Ball is more striking.