5 Outdated Technologies That Are Surprisingly Still Alive And Kicking

Years after you graduated from high school, you would be introduced to a bigger world full of fantastic and innovative gadgets. During these times, you might forget about those tin cans that served as the only communication tool between you and your cousin who’s just a bed away. But just when you think that you won’t be able to see them again, these zombie technologies rise from the depths to grab and bite you.


1. Cash

zombie technologies, Cash

Banks are really not happy with the overall hassle they have to go through just to produce, maintain and process everything related to cash. Even the government is having a hard time to control its flow and secure those who literally shower themselves with money. On the other hand, bulky wallets and bulging pockets are no longer a trend.

So why is it hard to kill cold hard cash? The answer here is very simple. There are a lot of things that you just can’t swipe your card on. Also, people who live far away from the city and have no access to ATM or the internet will always need cash on hand for their everyday transactions.


2. Magazines and Newspapers

zombie technologies, magazines and newspapers

Do you still see an old man reading newspaper in the morning? Does your mother receive her magazine subscriptions in the mail? Both newspapers and magazines may still exist but they are not as widespread as they were one or two decades ago. This is because you can get news over the internet and magazines can be viewed online on different file formats.

These hardcopies are still alive as there are a lot of places where you wouldn’t want to carry a laptop or a hand-held device. Other documents are also required to be printed on newspapers for legal purposes. Some people still want the classic magazine in a coffee table to keep their guests entertained.


3. Radio

zombie technologies, Radio

It was on the 1950’s when television became a must-have in every home. Back then, it was anticipated that radio would be phased out. But up to now even with the release of HD and LED TV, radio machines remain strong and kicking. And the main reason behind this – MUSIC. When the pop genre boomed in the music industry had chosen radio as its promotional vector. Though music videos were born, there are times when people would choose to listen while their eyes are on the road or something else.


4. Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6

zombie technologies, Windows XP

Windows XP

With a lot of people saying that Windows XP works better than the new ones (Windows 7 & 8), it won’t be that easy to dissolve. Same goes with internet explorer 6 which was released together with the Windows OS.


5. DVDs

zombie technologies, DVD

The DVD sales drastically dropped recently. Music, movies and documentaries can now be downloaded and be played through different devices such as mp3 and smartphones. It is all thanks to loyal fans and collectors of movies and music albums that DVDs still exist.