These 15 Perfectly Timed Photos Will Leave You Both In Shock And Awe

It’s not everyday that you see perfectly timed photos like what you are about to see. Some of them are outright hilarious, some are truly shocking and worth seeing a few times. But most of them are truly epic. Taking such photos is a combination of skill, perspective, imagination, timing and perhaps even LUCK!

Well, here’s 15 perfectly timed photos that you will find both hilarious and epic!


1. Sorry but I haven’t farted for a long time..


2. With my levitating ability, our team should do ok..


3. I hope this is not what I think it is..


4. Oops, let me get my head and limbs in the right order..


5. Love cats!


6. I’m like Nick Fury from The Avengers, but a lot cooler!


7. The real superhero in New York.


8. Running on water is just one of the many dog tricks I do.


9. Someone’s gonna be in trouble..


10. Who’s up for a magic carpet ride?


11. Run! Before the bucket trap catches you!


12. This woman definitely needs a shave!


13. It’s not everyday you see a dog driving a car..


14. He could easily be the world’s strongest man!


15. What?! The mythical creature is real..?

I don’t know about you but I really find these perfectly timed photos stunning and amazing! I appreciate rare moments like these were captured by amazing photographers. Did you find these photos stunning and amazing as well? Share this post with your friends!