After Seeing This, Whew! I’ll Never Poke A Phone Battery Ever

With smartphones getting bigger and better, so as to the capacity and lasting power of phone batteries. If from before we are happy using a 1250 mAh battery, nowadays enjoying a monstrous 3200 mAh battery from modern cellphones is not impossible. These days, owning a high capacity mobile battery is very much important. It allows continuous usage of our mobile phone without the need to reach that power socket every after 5 hours or so.

But are batteries of today any safer? I don’t think so! Yes, we all know that they are flammable and somewhat dangerous but when I saw this video of a man poking a phone battery, I was literally stunned! I never expected that mobile batteries can be like a dragon! Fierce, ferocious and highly hazardous, this video made me hold to my seat so tight that I am still shaking until now…


Here it is, but mind you, don’t EVER try this!

Video: YouTube

If you don’t want to be rushed in the hospital for a third degree or even worst, 4th degree burn, don’t ever jab your phone battery. While it might look awesome and really exciting, poking your mobile battery can lead to serious injuries. Come on, we’ve heard several news of battery exploding and people getting hurt so badly. I just don’t know why this man try to do it, maybe as a warning to all of us?

Ok we got the point dude, batteries are useful but deadly. The next time you see a mobile battery and knife lying closely next to each other, you know what to do! Scream (or maybe not as you will create so much panic) and put them miles apart! Share this to your friends who always leave their phones charging overnight! You’ve been warned peeps!