I Never Thought That Porcelain Can Be As Beautiful As This!

For Ukrainian artists Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev, art is something they truly love but they never thought that it will make them a worldwide sensation! Ceramic paintings and porcelain figurines are quite common. From Chinese painted ceramic plates to intricately designed porcelain carvings, they are easy spot on antique shops. But wait till you see these whimsical porcelain sculptures that will make you say just WOW!

Stasenko and Leontyev are not trained ceramicists, although they are relatively connected with arts with one being a graphic artist while the other is a painting teacher. But despite the lack of proper training and education, they create mind blowing figurines that looks so exceptional you’ll definitely love to have one!


What’s amazing with these porcelain sculptures is that they are incredibly small.

Some measures 40cm while others are miniscule at 4cm.


Each and every one of them is painted colorfully…

And their designs are so imaginative they look wonderfully cute!

Every sculpture is handcrafted…

Which makes each piece unique and truly exceptional.

Just imagine the work that needs to be done…

For these Ukrainian artists, every detail counts.

Yet the end-result is so gorgeous, undeniably beautiful!

The colors are vibrant while the touch of gold makes each piece a true stunner!

Just like this mythical goat that I want to bring home right now.

And these bees or bugs, or alien insects…. Whatever…

Check out the details on this mini armadillo-like creature.

This one is so… so cute!

If I only have the talent to create such magnificent porcelain sculptures, I’ll sell them and make tons of money! But for Stasenko and Leontyev it’s more of the passion and love for art. I wonder how much they sell these mini figurines… But boy they are so worth it. Are you interested on having one of these?