Problems With Limited Parking Space? Then You Need This!

Owning a car is such a necessity right now. Even though the price of gas literally increases every day, the ease and comfort it brings is indeed incomparable. Got tons of cash to burn? Buy yourself a sweet Maserati! Are you on a budget but still needs a ride? Go get a second-hand wheels! Having a car is like saving yourself from the everyday hustle and bustle of public transport.

However, owning a car doesn’t stop from quarterly change oil and monthly maintenance checkups. If you don’t want your baby to get bruises, scars, pits and dents, she needs to have a comfy place to rest, and that is your garage! But real estate lot nowadays are madly increasing in prices! You can’t simply purchase the lot adjacent to your house just to extend your parking space, except if you’re a millionaire then this isn’t a problem.

But if you have a limited parking space at home, and you have multiple cars to lodge in, then this innovative garage system is just what you need! This product is so simple but boy it delivers! What a brilliant idea!


Called the Park & Slide, check this out and be amazed!

Video from: YouTube

Made and designed in United Kingdom, the simple device assist car owners to park 2 or more cars in a very limited space. See how easy it is to slide the car back and forth, that’s what you call technology baby and this innovative garage system rocks! The company, Total Lifting Solutions UK, who made this is genius! They even have a unique automated car lifting system that can stack 3 cars in just one bay! They also have an underground garage car lift which is sweet but I bet expensive!

For now, I am okay with this innovative garage system. Cheap yet effective. 🙂 What can you say about this not-so-high-tech but practical car parking system? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and don’t forget to share this to your friends.