I Entered the Restroom and Couldn’t Find the Toilet Until I Saw This

We cannot deny the fact that space is considered to be gold nowadays. Each year, literally every inch of it is increasing in value. With this, homes across the world are getting smaller and smaller. Tiny living room, little bedroom, compact kitchen and sadly narrow bathroom.

But for designers Elliott Whiteley and Gareth Humphreys, space shouldn’t be a major concern especially on your bathroom. While studying Product Design at the University of Huddersfield in U.K, they’ve come up with a very unique product that each and every one of us would truly love. Presenting… the IOTA folding toilet! 🙂

This is a real deal dude!

Don’t laugh because this amazing toilet has tons of advantages like:

  • Unique folding design
  • Water reducing
  • Space saving
  • Uses only 2.5L of water per flush

See more of this folding toilet in action, here’s the video.

Video from: YouTube


In this animation, you would see the toilet assembly and how it applies on our everyday lives. Aside from being space saving, this folding toilet is rather more hygienic than traditional ones. Why? Because you don’t need a lid to close it, just flip the whole toilet and all those bad smells (and icky ones) will be gone forever. 🙂

This toilet is really wonderful and I totally want one. I just wonder how much each unit cost but I’m sure it is bank breaking… yet a great investment though. Do you like this newest bathroom technology? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts.