They Rolled Pieces of Paper Together and Created the Most Stunning Artwork Ever

Have you heard about paper filigree or quilling? This is an art form that uses strips of rolled paper to create stunning designs. The rolled strips of paper are then shaped and glued together in a manipulative fashion such as looped, curled or twisted to create a highly decorative and amazingly gorgeous work of art.

First used during the Renaissance period, you don’t need to go back on this era just to enjoy rolled paper art! Here’s some of the most stunning ones we’ve found on the web. Craft artisans and hobbyists will surely find this activity really extraordinary! Wait till you see the number #6, it’s just WOW!


1. If my heart is this complicated… I don’t know!

2. Please don’t get this wet!

3. Who wouldn’t say “I Love You Too” when offered with this.

4. Swirling star rolled paper art.

5. Another heart design that looks just as awesome…

6. Now this is stunning and wonderfully exquisite!

7. Is she the Queen of the Ocean? Beautiful!

8. Seriously… I really want this!


And if you’ve got tons of time to kill… these outstanding designs will definitely keep you busy! If you ask me, making one of these will certainly make me occupied not just for days but weeks!

Wow! I never thought that there’s such a thing called rolled paper art! The closest thing I can think of using paper strips is papier-mâché but this one is entirely different! One thing though, quilling is a bit delicate so you’ll need tons of care as well as patience! Additionally, don’t get these works of art wet or else… it will be a big fail! Your friends will surely like this so don’t forget to share it with them, and with mom too!