When I Saw These Cookies I Was Shocked! And Hungry!

Who doesn’t love cookies! From simple peanut butter flavored crisps to gooey chocolatey treats, people of all ages are dying just to take a bite on these heavenly indulgences. But cookie shapes are always boring, except for gingerbread, everything is round… round… and ROUND!

Fortunately, there are genius bakers in the world that take cookie shapes in the next level. Instead of treating them as plain heavenly snacks or desserts, for these creative pastry makers cookies are more like an art. Here’s the 10 most inspiring cookies ideas that will make you drool and at the same time smile.


1. This sweet teddy bear hugging a whole almond.


2. How about some miniature cookie gifts?


3. A bit of work is needed but these sweet cups are awesome!


4. Craft artisans will surely love these edible buttons.


5. Now these would sell big time on Valentine’s Day!


6. For Hello Kitty fans out there, you don’t want to miss this!


7. Is that a unicorn or a sheep? Never mind it’s cute!


8. Cookie Popsicle for your loved ones.


9. These treats will surely fuel up your mornings.


10. The two-tone butterfly effect cookies.

Isn’t these cookies ideas so sweet and brilliant? Now you can savor the rich creamy flavor of your favorite snack in a whole new more exciting shape! The 3rd and 9th literally made my eyes feast in pure excitement! And my blood sugar level totally agrees! 🙂 Share this to your friends and see if they can bake just like one!