See These 10 Funny Street Flyers & You’ll Die Laughing!

Nowadays, sending your message across the globe is far easier and more convenient. All you need to do is to connect to the internet, post the thing you want to sell or advertise then you’re good to go! However, nothing can beat old-school advertising! What could me more exciting and simple than posting a flyer on the street! This one needs no internet connection or site memberships, a piece of printed paper and few staples is all it takes to convey your message loud and clear.

But for some people, posting a flyer means no item to sell or service to advertise, it’s all for fun! When you see these 10 funny street flyers, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting a strip or two! The #6 is amazingly brilliant!

1. Miss… how many Unicorns do you have?

2. Wow, you got tons of date dude!

3. That is a unique talent, get one now!

4. Thanks for this freebie, helps me save $$$!

5. Congrats! Now you’re a man!

6. I am sure, Charlie Chaplin took the first strip!

7. That’s not my “Ginny” Pig…

8. What’s with the cat girl?!

9. I agree dude!

10. Yes, especially with that hair!

Source: viralnova

To those who made these funny street flyers, I salute your hysterical minds and buckets load of humor! I want to see more of these especially right after a stressful day’s work! What’s your favorite flyer post from the above?