Seven Of The Most Iconic and Unique McDonalds Worldwide

Owned by brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald, this historic fast-food chain has been serving us sumptuous meals for almost 75 years now. Originally named as McDonald’s Famous Bar-B-Q, the brothers first opened a drive-in barbeque joint on the famed Route 66 in San Bernardino, California. Serving few meals like pork sandwich, French fries and barbeque beef; who would have thought that McDonald would become one of the most iconic restaurants of all time.

Like any other fast-food chain, this establishment follows a strict guideline as well as shop uniformity. The same color scheme, the same food with local flavors, and the very iconic golden arches that we are all familiar of. Yet with these distinctive McDonald stores found all across the world, being different means something. From America to Europe, here’s 7 of the most unique McDonalds worldwide.


Taupo, New Zealand

That’s not a huge store décor you’re seeing but a real Douglas DC-3 Airplane turned into a stunning McDonald’s store! Inside the plane are seats as well as dining area where people can chow down and enjoy their meals.

New Hyde Park, New York

One of the most sophisticated and grandiose McDonald’s store in the world, this 18th century mansion spark controversy when it’s about to be demolished just to build a McDonald store. A local citizen paid all the franchising fee to preserve the spectacular beauty of the house, later it is then called as the “McMansion”.

Roswell, New Mexico

What makes this store unique is the UFO inspired theme of its exterior. While inside is a 110-foot mural of several McDonald characters riding space crafts and enjoying the universe. At night, this place becomes more alive with its interstellar lights.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

While everything on this store looks perfectly normal, the façade and the arches, what makes it different though is the location. This is the only McDonald’s store in Cuba and is built inside a naval base compound!

Kristiansand, Norway

Built in an old-bank, Norway’s version of McDonald is indeed fabulous. The giant marbled columns, interesting architecture, intricate decors and old rustic feeling, eating quarter pounder on this place is truly amazing.

Rome, Italy

Looking for the fanciest McDonald’s in the world? This Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italy can be your best bet. Lacking the renowned golden arches, what you have are granite floors, marble, fountains, statues and mosaic walls in an 800-capacity renaissance-inspired structure.

Dallas, Texas

In Texas, everything is BIG including this McDonald store in Dallas! Inspired by “Happy Meal”, on the store’s façade you will see a giant hamburger, humongous French fries and super-sized soft drink. While inside things are a bit classy, Austrian crystal chandeliers and RL-designed wallpaper anyone?

H/T to: smithsonianmag

Wow, these unique McDonalds worldwide are without a doubt captivating! I can’t wait to eat Big Mac and Twister Fries right inside a plane! But dining in an old bank isn’t bad either! Have you visited one of the above places? Hit the comments section below and share this to your friends!