She Mixed 3 Ingredients & Came Up With A Brilliant Solution!

Even though they are super tiny, these little crawlers can actually do more harm in your kitchen than any good. Chewing up your favorite cereal, slowly moving food stuffs out from your house, contaminating sugars and sweets, giving you nasty itchy bites… who doesn’t hate ANTS!

But for this lady, shooing these pesky crawlers out from the kitchen is very easy. No need for chemicals or toxic substances just to keep them totally controlled! You only need 3 simple kitchen ingredients to make a homemade DIY ant repellant!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 Cup Borax
  • ½ Cup Water
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar

Using a whisk, combine all ingredients in a glass container and make sure that they are thoroughly mixed. Then get a plastic container and poke holes into the middle of each side. Pour some of the mixture into the plastic container just below the line where the plastic is punctured. That’s it! Now you have an economical yet effective DIY ant repellant.

The ants will climb on the plastic container and once they get in, they will get trapped into the sticky solution and eventually die.

You could also add some honey into the mixture and pour some on a sheet of plastic wrap. Let the mixture sit overnight and place this sheet on your kitchen where ants linger around. The ants will be attracted on the sweet mixture and be killed off when they land on it. Simply discard the plastic wrap once you have collected a good number of ants.

Source: faithtap

Wow, this solution is very efficient and at the same time economical! Who would have thought that borax can be an effective ant killer? Now I don’t need to buy those smelly chemical sprays or even the chalk ant killer that stains my countertop! Share this to your friends and get those pesky ants ousted away!