She Tie A Shirt Around Her Hair Then This Is What Happens…

While some women finds silky straight hair an ultimate form of beauty, there are those who loves curls and big waves. Indeed, hair styling is a matter of personal preference. However for women with fine, limp, straight hair, curling it to look their best is undeniably a big challenge. Thanks to hair curling equipment, styling your hair has never been easier! But… it damages your crowning glory BIG TIME!

Luckily, this lady found a perfect solution. No heat, no curling iron, no damages… just plain natural looking curls. With this styling tip, all you need to do is;

  • Fresh from the shower put some heat protectant spray on your hair, although there’s no heat needed it helps.
  • Add some anti-frizz and extra shine products, distribute them evenly on your hair.
  • Place a t-shirt on a flat surface and wrap it around the base of your neck.
  • Using the sleeves, pull it tightly until you form a turban.

Then what happens next will totally amaze you… see this video!

Sleep with it and when your hair dries, it will produce natural looking curls. If some parts of your hair isn’t as curly as you like, you can do some touch ups with the help of curling iron.

Video from: YouTube

Although this is not the most perfect solution to make your hair uber curly, it is far more efficient and safe than using hair styling equipment. Best of all, you’ll save your hair from getting brittle or worst, being damaged. Do you like this hair styling tip? Share this amazing beauty technique with your friends!