She Took An Old Shutter & What She Came Up Is Amazing!

Shutters are absolutely chic! They can add a sense of “home” into every house with its rustic beauty and very countryside appeal. Shutters on your windows, shutters on your doors, shutters on your backyard… literally there are shutters everywhere!

If you have tons of old and unused shutters lying around, don’t dare throw them in the trash yet because you can turn these el cheapo home accessories into stunning home décors without burning holes in your pockets. Don’t believe us, here’s the 13 most amazing old shutter ideas we found on the web.

1. The Shutter Herb Garden

This will absolutely look good on small spaces and cramped backyards.

2. As Paper Holders

Turn old shutters into paper holders to store all your mails, invitations, cards, etc.

3. Shutter Bookcase

By applying some paint, faded shutters can be both functional and beautiful!

4. Divider-Made Shutter

If you have huge door shutters, make a room divider or changing screen with little to no cost at all!

5. Rustic Table Runner

Who says shutters are only for windows? Apparently they look good on tables too!

6. Corner Shelving

Or use them to create an extra corner shelving to display home accessories…

7. Wall Divider

How about a full room divider made from old shutters? Amazing isn’t it!

8. Outdoor Shutter Bench

Enjoy the beauty of outdoor space with this bench made from repurposed shutters.

9. Shutter Jewelry Holder

This neat jewelry holder does the job well while keeping things simple.

10. Shutter Table

Attach four legs to an old shutter and enjoy a pretty looking table!

11. All-Purpose Holder

Use this upcycled shutter holder to keep magazines, tools, or even accessories neatly organized in place.

12. Mini Table

Faded and old shutters can still look contemporarily beautiful, just like this sweet mini table.

13. Shutter Wall Décor

Big, medium, small or tiny shutters when combined as one will make an awesome wall décor!

Photos from: faithtap & thecottagemarket

These old shutter ideas are really amazing! Just imagine the many things you can do from those dilapidated, sometimes unattractive-looking plain shutters! I really love the 3rd and 12th decorating tip though. What appeals to you most? Hit the comment section for suggestions. 🙂