She Took An Old T-Shirt & Made Something Really Surprising!

If there’s one garment that we can’t live without, it will definitely be t-shirts! I can go out without a handbag but without a tank top (with pants or shorts of course), that will put me in big trouble! This versatile fashion item is like a second skin to me. They are soft, comfortable, stylish and best of all affordable! This is also the main reason why I have tons of old t-shirts stuck on my cabinet.

But when this lady took an old shirt and made something very useful out of it without all the fuss of DIY crafts, my eyes literally roll with excitement! She made an awesome t-shirt bag with no sewing or even gluing required! This DIY project is very doable and I can’t wait to make one. I am thinking of turning my old Gucci t-shirt into a functional market bag, with the big GG logo in the front of course! Sounds sweet?


First, you will need 2 things:

Don’t argue because you only need these 2, nothing more and nothing less!

  • The old shirt
  • Scissor

This t-shirt bag is really simple to do, just cut, tie, and repeat! What could be simpler than that! I know your dying to see the video so here it is:

Video from: YouTube

While this t-shirt bag might not have all the bells and whistles of a true handbag, it is dead easy to make! In less than 3 minutes you can have one! To can further customize it by sewing sequins in the front, adding logos, ironing patterns, putting zippers or button locks, but why do it when you can have it fast and simple? Well it’s up to your creative needs! Share this post to your friends who hoard shirts like crazy!