She Took Some Marbles & Fry It But I Wasn’t Expecting This!

Since the early 1800’s, marbles has been giving joy to many children all across the world. This small spherical toy that is usually made from glass comes in different sizes, colors, patterns and designs. Hand blown marbles or those with intricate patterns inside are expensive, but mass produced ones are so cheap you can get one full bag of it for just under a dollar.

I must admit that when I was a child, I have tons of these things lying around our house. I was fascinated on how they look, how they beautifully roll on the floor, how they sparkle when put up against the sun, and how robust they are to resist wear and tear. But as growing up, I see marbles in a different way. Not as a toy anymore but a decorative accent that can magically illuminate boring and mundane spaces.

When I came across this video of a lady frying marbles, I thought she was totally crazy doing it! What’s with fried marbles? You can’t eat that thing! What are you going to do with that nonsense object? But when I saw what she came up with, I was astounded and literally speechless! I never knew frying marbles is possible and that it can turn this ordinary piece of toy into a stunning bauble! This is really amazing and definitely work trying!


Here’s the video on how to make fried marbles.

Video from: YouTube

Fried marbles is very easy to do! You just need to bake the marbles inside the oven and shock it into super cold iced water. And magically watch it transform into a diamond-like artwork right before your very eyes!

The secret here is to bake the marbles in a 500 degrees F oven for about 20 minutes. Lesser than this will not give you stunning cracks and facets like those on the video. Wow! This stuff is wonderful and I am so excited to do it! Any ideas on how to use these fried marbles? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.