This Shockingly Ridiculous Flamethrower is Perfectly Legal in the U.S.

If you are a pyromaniac, or those who enjoys fire and everything that is burning, I am sure you have tried to make your own flamethrower. Disappointing as it is, man they are really complicated to make not to mention dangerous. Does it mean to more guns throwing big balls of fire? Well, there’s still hope with the XM42.

Created by Ion Productions, the XM42 is the first commercially available handheld legal flamethrower. Except in California, you can play with this badass in all 49 states without getting into trouble. With the ability to spew 87 octane flame up to 25 feet, you can use this sweet toy to clear snow and ice, to get rid of insects, to kill pavement weeds, to start bonfires on a distance, to grill marshmallows with style, for pyrotechnic events, to show off with friends, or any that you can think about. You can even use it to defeat iceman (if he’ll be around)!


The XM42 is made from high quality materials and is currently out in the market since March 23, 2015.

It is available in 3 finishes; brushed aluminum for $699 and polished aluminum or colored powder coat for $799.

This portable but legal flamethrower can spew flame this long!

Watch it action and let Human Torch be informed that there’s a new weapon!

Or use it on your next camping and tell your friends that you’ve found a cool (or maybe hot) new toy!

H/T: engadget

Now I have a new gadget to scare bears or maybe big foot who’s always tipping off my trash can! I’ll just scare them don’t worry and will not cause any harm. Or even more wonderful, I’ll use this XM42 to grill some steaks and hot dogs on our next barbecue party, I’ll bet all guests would be shocked in awe! 🙂 Let your buddies be informed that there’s a new smoking hot toy to play around!