21 Most Shocking and Realistic 3D Tattoos You’ll Ever See. #16 Is Horrifying!

Okay, tattoos are very much common and there’s no shocking truth about it. Even before the days of smartphones and computers, our great ancestors are already practicing tattoo so there’s nothing so special about it. Well, that’s what you think!

But when you see these 21 most shocking tattoos, your views will definitely change. These 3D tattoos are so insane that it will literally blow your mind. I promise that when you see these outrageous imprints, getting one will make you think twice. Even ten times if you see number 16!


1. Is he the son of terminator?

2. This one is actually gross but amazingly beautiful!

3. Girls, what can you say?

4. Looking at this tattoo makes me say “ouch”

5. This would look good on my GF’s legs!

6. Stop! That is one scary tattoo!

7. The tattoo artist who made this is unbelievably good.

8. 3Cs on this… Creepy, Chilly and Cranky!

9. Show this on your kids and I’m sure they will be horrified to death!

10. This tattoo seems strange but looking at it makes me say WOW!

11. Now her legs would definitely get some loving attention.

12. A hypnotically beautiful tattoo.

13. His tattoo is so big I could feel the pain! But wonderful shadings!

14. How about a 3D modern skull?

15. Crack your skin open and reveal the beauty of the sky.

16. Amongst all, seeing this tattoo makes me scream to pain!

17. Zipper on your skin + a creepy alien hand = AMAZING!

18. What if someone hits this brick?

19. This guy must truly love guitars!

20. Corset on my back? Why not!

21. And this leg that looks like a piece of carved wood!

It’s so amazing how tattoo artists can create such stunning masterpiece on human skin! I bet doing a tattoo like this takes much more time than regular ones. Just imagine the detailing and shading that needs to be done. Well, good luck with the pain man! What’s your favorite 3D tattoo?