Shopping With Kids Is Not Therapeutic & These Pics Proves It

How many times did you ever get mad at your kid for ruining the grocery aisle simply because you don’t want that tasteless cereal “toy” box in your cart? How about scolding him at the top of your lungs because he doesn’t want to fit any of the jeans you want for his upcoming birthday party? Oh… kids will always be kids and that’s a fact we all have to deal with.

If shopping is therapeutic for us, definitely not for our cute little ones! If it’s not toys we’re loading up, they’d better stay at home and watch their favorite shows. Having a stroll to the retail environment with your kids is like a double-edged sword, good and bad things might happen. And if you want some evidence, see these 10 unbelievable shopping with kids fails that actually happens in real life!


1. For boys, the women’s section is the worst and literally the “nastiest” area in the mall!

2. Their curiosity can sometimes get way too much!

3. Leave them for 2 seconds and instantly become the most hated parent in the store!

4. Although they do funny things, embarrassing moments is what they like most!

5. They like to play “hide and seek”, and this kid takes it to the next level!

6. They don’t mind you being humiliated in the public, tantrums is their best weapon!

7. As long as there is a place to hide, kids will take advantage of it!

8. For them, sleeping in the store aisle is more comfortable than their bed.

9. They don’t need you as long as there are mannequins they can hold too…

10. If everything else fails, doing this “controversial move” to them might straighten things up!

H/T to: dose & awesomeinventions

Although these shopping with kids fails looks way too much and unbelievably terrible, they really happen in real life. Ask parents of toddlers and for sure they can relate to this epic list! Do you have the same experience as pictured above? Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post to your friends!