Slap Bracelets Gone High-Tech? This Will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re born in the 80’s or even 90’s, I’m sure you are very much familiar with slap bracelets. You know, that flexible stainless steel fabric-covered band we use to slap on our wrist as a kid? This very popular accessory can be straighten out and once slap on the wrist, the spring metal bands will curve its shape forcing the band to wrap around our arm.

As a kid, I have tons of slap bracelets in different colors and sizes. Some even have printed characters and calibrations on it! But what will I do to this fun toy now that I am all grown up and tech-savvy? Well, the electronic company Polyera has the answer. When you see this flexible E ink screen bracelet that functions just like a computer, your mind will completely go wild!


Polyera is said to launch the very first slap bracelet-inspired wearable gadget called Wove.

This cool-looking gadget can be wrapped around your wrist and it functions just like a computer!

It runs on Wove OS which is an Android 5.1 based operating system with a display resolution of 1040 by 200 pixels while the display size measures 30mm by 156mm.

Lo and behold because this E ink screen bracelet features a capacitive multi-touch screen!

Equally, it can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and it runs a Dual-Core ARM Cortex A7 processor with 4GB storage and 512MB RAM.

Made with Polyera’s patented digital fabric technology, this sweet device can be twisted and bended like a piece of paper without damaging its flexible screen! Even more, it comes with a customizable panel of applications so users can read text messages, play music, watch videos, read emails and light surf the web all without touching their smartphones or computers! Amazing isn’t it!

The platform is already made available to selected developers so we should expect more compatible applications once this E ink screen bracelet hit the shelves on mid-2016. Also, the company is planning to integrate this device to smartphone apps and fitness tracking programs to expand its functionality on day to day usage.


Just look at that gorgeous interface!

This slap bracelet gone high-tech comes with 9 axis motion sensors, haptic feedback and ERM vibration motor.

H/T to: digitaltrends

It doesn’t have a price yet but the company promised this will be cheaper than the least expensive Apple Watch. Now who say’s slap bracelets are just for kids? With this modern fashion accessory, don’t be surprised if one day you will see people walking around the streets making calls on their bracelets! Oh, I badly need this! Sponsors anyone? 🙂 What can you say about this amazing bracelet? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and share this news to your tech-savvy friends!