This Is The Most Sought After Home In Sweden… And I’m Not Surprised Why!

Based on user preferences such as size, price, number of rooms, bathrooms and floors; Architects Tham & Videgård finally came up with Sweden’s most sought after home. They are commissioned by Sweden’s most popular property site – Hemnet.

So how do they come up with this home design? Simple, Tham & Videgård analyze 200 million clicks and 86,000 residences available on Hemnet. And what they created is simply amazing!

The design is based on two parts: Red Cottage for history and craftsmanship while the White Box represents modernity as well as industrial development.


Their aim is to combine both features based on statistics.

Having an open kitchen is an important aspect to the project, hence they come up with this.

home - interior design - kitchen


Just look how gorgeous and illuminating this bathroom is!

home - interior design - bathroom


Outside everything is painted with Falu Red, a traditional Swedish color.

home - interior design


Things are placed strategically, as you can see on the apartment’s floor plan.

home - interior designEvery space on this Swedish apartment is utilized brilliantly, nothing is wasted.

home - interior design

Source: designboom

The Hemnet Home is said to complete in 2016. Aside from being beautiful and fully functional, this house is more of a home. For the price, the “house of clicks” is said to cost roughly $340,000. Will you live in this 3-bedroom 120m2 Swedish apartment?