The 18 Most Hilarious Letter Spacing Fails Ever!

Letter spacing is very… very important and we cannot stress this enough! Just imagine the world without them, I bet reading would be so hard! With proper letter spacing, texts are easy to distinguish thus making them highly readable. But what if texts are not spaced out properly? Would it make any difference? The answer is a big YES!

Sometimes, poor letter spacing is a result of automatic kerning which is the process of adjusting the space between characters. And mind you, kerning mistakes can ruin even the best texts ever. They can give double meanings, hilarious thoughts and even crazy connotations that will make you laugh so hard! Just take these 18 letter spacing fails we’ve found on the web as an example.

1. Why would I do that? Call the police!

2. And this poor spacing that leads to a funny ad board.

3. Just imagine using your willie on this machine!

4. Thank God my name is not Clint!

5. Another reason why spacing is very much important!

6. That would really hurt Mr. Math teacher…

7. It should be Bull Titan Us…

8. Come on, a single space is all it takes!

9. Really Walmart… your just a ____ away?

10. Who would eat this thing?

11. And this Cursive font error that made “Curt” spelled like C___!

12. I wonder how many porn stars visit this place.

13. Okay, the lights are doing each other!

14. I am not sure if my son would love this!

15. That’s the reason they went out of business…

16. Uhmm… My home is okay, thanks for asking!

17. And this traditional English pudding that everyone loves!

18. This is how all SALES should be!

Source: boredpanda

Now you know why letter spacing is so important! Kerning mistakes are acceptable but only up to a certain extent! These letter spacing fails proves that even a tiny mistake can make a very huge difference!