Then Vs Now – 12 Classic Video Games Made Even Better!

Who would forgot those big and chunky video game boxes we used to play as a kid? Nintendo family computer anyone? The gray USA version and the red Japan made console? Along with famous video games like Mario, Mortal Combat, Sims, Sonic as well as Pacman, they made us very busy in front of the television pressing buttons over and over again! And mom scolding us to do our assignments first? This is very nostalgic!

Not so long ago we have covered about the great advancement of technology, check out this post, and today we are taking it to the next level! The classic video games then and now, let’s see what changed and how they looked like 30 years before. I’m sure your kids would not recognize these obsolete video games so better explain to them that graphics are very limited way back then. 🙂


1. Madden Series

2. Grand Theft Auto

3. Super Mario Bros

4. Need For Speed

5. Mortal Combat

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

7. Mario Kart

8. Kirby’s Adventure

9. The Sims

10. FIFA Soccer

11. Final Fantasy

12. Tomb Raider

Photos from: guff

Wow, did you see how Mario became more manly compare to being flatly obese? And the more feminine features of Tomb Raider? How about the players of FIFA getting all grown up? This video games then and now comparison is indeed amazing! Although they appear more refined, convincing and nonetheless 3-dimensional, don’t you miss those days when they look more of a cartoon character rather than a real person?

What can you say about these classic video games then and now? Do you like the “now” versus the “then” version? Let us know your thoughts by hitting the comments section below.