These 10 Epic Beach Fails Made My Summer Super Complete

Getting a tan, wearing skimpy bikinis, seeing sexy bodies everywhere, sipping margarita under the sun; who doesn’t love summer! The scorching heat of the sun and the fine comfort of the sand makes an ultimate summer vacation. And where’s the best place to go? Ditch walking tours and guided city visits, when the sun is out BEACH is the only place to enjoy!

But for these people, frying themselves under the sun and sipping a glass of fruit juice isn’t the only thing they want to do, they equally want to practice their stupidity… at the BEACH! Brace yourself because when you see these 10 epic beach fails, surely it will make you laugh non-stop! I just had a heart attack seeing #9!


1. This girl who wants to be a super model, only it fails!

2. She’s trying to meditate in the beach! Successful? Uhmm, I guess not…

3. A happy couple and a darling photo bomber?

4. Perfectly captured! That’s sand not crushed graham crackers FYI…

5. When you see her…

6. Girl… you’re one true party pooper! I am sure, they so hate you right now!

7. Why? They just want to show how much they love each other!

8. Blame it on the surf board… or to the waves because they came short!

9. Post that clip on IG, FB or Twitter! I am sure many will like how stupid you are!

10. Geez… even Fido? But that is cute. 🙂

H/T to: guff

Oh people… why do you have to do these silly things? But nonetheless, a big thank you because we are entertained! These epic beach fails are totally hilarious! I can’t get over #1 and #10! Find this post amusing and right on entertaining? Go ahead and share it to your friends!