These 10 Terrible Statues Are The Worst I’ve Ever Seen!

Statues, monuments as well as shrines, all of them are made to honor a special or highly acclaimed person. They can be actors, historians, politicians, artists, or those who made a big contribution to the development of the society.  Commonly, statues are made from either metal or cement to endure daily wear and tear. But nowadays, wax figures are equally getting popular since they can capture the real emotion and appearance of a person.

Whether they are made from metal, concrete or wax, statues plays a big role on mankind. But with these 10 terrible statues you’re about to see, I am totally confused with their intentions! I don’t know if the artist is drunk, blind, sick or just plain bully! I can’t even stare on that Marilyn Monroe wax figure because it looks totally eerie!


1. Called the “Bronze Fonz”, this doesn’t look like Henry Winkler!

2. Are you sure this is the Scottish Hero Sir William Wallace? That looks like Mel Gibson!

3. Look at Andy Murphy… he’s not happy either!

4. I didn’t know that Mr. Rogers suffers from a horrible burn accident!

5. This should be “I Hate Lucy” and not “I Love Lucy”…

6. Tiger Woods… after tons of Botox and nasty facial surgeries!

7. I know Michael Jackson has gone thru the knife but this one made him look butchered!

8. Marilyn Monroe, Friday the 13th version! This wax figure is totally frightening!

9. What happened to Princess Diana? That teeth looks atrocious!

10. And the most horrific statue ever made in history… This Queen Nefertiti monument in Samalut, Egypt!

H/T to: guff, trendy-show and bbc

I don’t know if I’ll laugh or be embarrassed with these terrible statues! While some of them looks comical, like the Marilyn Monroe portrait and butchered Michael Jackson, these historical people deserves better. Princess Diana and Queen Nefertiti are even considered true “Royals” so they definitely deserve more than that! I think sculptors should attend more classes… What’s your take on these statues?