These 10 Twitter Grammar Fails Are The Worst In History!

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a wonderful social networking website. This modern communication tool allows you to do tons of things. You can use it to share pictures, update your whereabouts, communicate with loved ones (even strangers!), follow people, share videos and many more. Approximately 500 million people all across the world uses Twitter, and that is a huge number!

Although Twitter is available in many languages, English is by the far the widely used platform throughout the world. Being the universal language, there’s no need to argue on this one. And because not all of us can fluently speak and correctly write English, minor grammatical mistakes are acceptable. But when you see these 10 major twitter grammar fails, oh boy they are in no way near being acceptable! Here’s the proof!


1. How about some delicious antonym rolls?

2. And you consider yourself “enter lectual”? Brilliant!

3. Girl… reserve that question when May comes, alright!

4. At least, he’s honest! But nonetheless stupid! Hello there’s GOOGLE!

5. Oh that “mindgrain” yeah… same here?!

6. Geez… even I can’t comprehend this highfalutin statement!

7. Wow, I never knew that McDonald’s is in the healthcare now…

8. Please… stay away from me! You’re ridiculous!

9. Next time if you don’t know how to spell it, just say “that tower in Paris”! Done!

10. Yes, you may! You can even have corn husks in your hair!

H/T to: guff

These twitter grammar fails are without a doubt hilarious! I had a good time laughing out loud! Not just loud but L-O-U-D… yes that LOUD! I am just wondering… if they can use Twitter to post updates, why they can’t use Google to check spelling. It’s free and very easy to use, easier than Twitter actually! Anyway, share this to your Grammar Nazi friends and I’m sure, they’ll die instantly! (If there are grammar/spelling errors on this post, spare me please 🙂 )