These 10 Very Unusual Japanese Inventions Are so Weird!

Known for their incredible technology and very innovative products, Japan is the home of genius people. The Japanese people are famous for their unparalleled love affair over high tech gadgets and truly inventive items. From creating practical household products to inventing big chunky industrial machines, indeed the Japanese are some of the most creative and brilliant people in the whole wide world.

However, not every Japanese invention is wonderfully amazing. There are those that will make you think twice whether they’re sensible or not. Like these 10 very unusual Japanese inventions you’re about to see, it will make you think ten times how in this world get got approved! Wait till you see the female lap pillow and the totally strange face slimmer, they kept me laughing all day long!


10 Totally Bizarre Japanese Inventions

Video from: YouTube

While the robotic pancake maker might be helpful for huge scale industrial companies, I don’t see any use with the vending machine disguised dress aside from the fact that it looks totally hilarious! But that face slimmer is really epic! Square watermelons that costs $100 a piece! No thanks, I’ll pass on that decorative fruit!

Will you buy any of these peculiar items? Girls… how about using that face slimmer right before your date? And for lonely guys out there, you can do a whole lot of things on that female lap pillow (wink)! I guess these unusual Japanese inventions are very shocking huh! I know they are crazy but hey, this is worth sharing so don’t forget to link this post to your friends!