These 12 Household Tips Using Food Are Incredibly Amazing!

If you try the scout the internet for household tips, don’t be surprised to see hundreds or even thousands of results. From using ordinary household things to its full extent to tweaking stuffs for a purpose, they are without a doubt helpful on our everyday lives. But household tricks and tips using food? This is something new and definitely interesting!

At first I was hesitant to try these tips but after learning that they are actually safe to do and will not cause me a fortune, I thought of giving it a shot. And believe it or not, the 4th and 9th tip worked like magic! I don’t know the science behind this but they are worth trying! Check out these sweet household tricks after the jump.


1. Fix CD scratches by rubbing peanut butter on them.

2. If you need to light a low wick, use a raw spaghetti noddle.

3. Mustard can remove smelly glass bottles, just use them in hot water together with soap.

4. Storing your handy tools in a can of rice will keep them from getting rusty.

5. Ants hate cinnamon, so use it instead of those pesky chemicals!

6. Mayonnaise can remove crayons on your painted walls.

7. To remove gunk and debris from your hot griller, use onion as a scrubber.

8. Baking soda and vinegar can clear up clogged drains…

9. Got a scratched wood? Rub some walnuts and the oils from it will magically erase those abrasions.

10. Citrus and cats don’t go well together, use orange peels as deterrents.

11. To clean cast iron pan, use salt and potatoes to scrub those messy gunk out.

12. Simply rub butter on your door hinges to shoo that squeaky noise away.

H/T to: faithtap

Who would have thought that our favorite food cannot only tickle our taste buds but moreover make things on our home work much better? Have you tried one of the above household tips? Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome so hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share these home tricks to your friends! 🙂